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With Lensmen being in business for six decades. Our dynamic and highly skilled team is able to provide an array of photography and videography services, from drone footage, time-lapse, motion graphics, event videography, virtual tours, 360 photos to Matterport Walkthroughs …. To name a few. This makes Lensmen not only one of the most accomplished but one of the most well-established photography and video production companies in Dublin, Ireland. 

We strive to only provide our clients with unparalleled and professional services and results you won’t find anywhere else.

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About Us

Lensmen is one of the leading and oldest photography and videography production agencies in Ireland covering 69 years of major political and social events.

Lensmen was first founded in 1952 by Andrew Farren and Padraig MacBrian in Dublin. First as a photography agency. Today, it is presently owned by Susan Kennedy who took over Lensmen in 1995. 

Over the past 60 years Lensmen has expanded from photography to include videography, 360 video and 360 photo, Matterport Walkthroughs , drone services and time-lapse video. 

This means, Lensmen is unique compared to other production companies in Ireland due to our diverse range of services available in photography and videography.

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