Time-Lapse Video of Civil Construction and Engineering Building Projects in Dublin, Ireland.

Lensmen time-lapse creates videos, which will showcase civil construction and civil engineering projects such as the building of a school or education centre, commercial property, residential house and industrial sectors, warehouses, distilleries, shipyards and power plant.

We provide fully managed 24/7, 365 days a year time-lapse filming and 360 time-lapse video. Our video and photographic department can document the whole project from start to finish.

Lensmen is Ireland’s leading time-lapse video production company of civil construction and engineering building projects. We provide fully managed time-lapse filming and video in any location in Ireland and are available to work worldwide for any duration from a few hours to several years.

You can contact us  by phone 00 353 01 8197738 or  by email, info@lensmen.ie, where you will hear from us in a matter of hours.

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