Lensmen Eye Computerised Controller System

The driver behind the Lensmen Eye Camera is the time lapse computerised controller system, through which the camera can be triggered, adjusted, and sends images and status updates. The 3G connection allows us to remotely control the camera settings, the interval time, image exposure, quality, etc.

computerised controller system

The online Lensmen Eye interface allows you to view the captured images 24/7 via your own personal computer, tablet or mobile – in the office or on the move. All images are referenced with job numbers, dates, and times they are taken, so you can easily compare progress. All images will be archived securely as well as being backed up regularly on our external hard disks and Cloud server.

Both stills and video can be produced from Lensmen Eye images at any time – it is not necessary to wait until the end of the project to access the data. For instant, a progress update video can be created for a board meeting, with any necessary graphs, diagrams or other information inserted on request. These images and videos can also be used online on your own website, and updated regularly in pace with the progress of your project.

Both Lensmen and our clients can monitor their individual projects via the Lensmen Eye camera – and a member of our team checks that the camera is working
at least three times every day. We will send you status reports, accessible on the web interface and via SMS/email alerts, which will provide peace of mind in knowing what’s happening with your project and equipment.

Project Management

  • Images can be viewed online 24/7 via desktop, tablet or mobile platforms.
  • High-res images can be downloaded directly to your computer.
  • All images captured through-out project can be viewed.

We can create progress update time-lapses to highlight progress as well as the final video cut once your project is completed. We can also arrange additional site visits to capture high-resolution images or video of any extra elements of your project that you may wish to have highlighted.

As the time-lapse video is being created, we will add titles, captions or logos, and a backing soundtrack and/or voiceover. A good soundtrack will capture the intended mood of your video, and help create additional atmosphere for the viewer.

Once you have approved the final cut, the finished video will be sent to you either on hard disk or by DropBox/WeTransfer, along with any additional material we may have recorded for you along the way.

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