The Lensmen Eye Time-Lapse DSLRs Camera System

The main features of the Lensmen Eye Time-Lapse DSLR Camera are its size, self-sufficiency, lack of cables, and 3G connectivity, allowing the camera to be moved easily between projects or locations. We can have the Lensmen Eye installed on your site or moved to a new vantage point within a working day, our aim is to make the process as easy and painless as possible for you.

The Lensmen Eye Camera system uses +18 Mega Pixel DSLRs Canon Cameras with prime lenses, which captures images of the highest quality. The resulting time-lapses will be crystal-clear HD videos, suitable for use as content in marketing and advertising campaigns. The images will also be time-dated, so can be used as evidence in any worksite-related disputes.

To create the time-lapse video, the Lensmen Eye will shoot high-resolution jpeg images with the DSLR camera at regular intervals for the duration of the project. These images will be edited in post-production to create a final video that can include wide-angle, zoom, pan, stills and split-screen images certain to  show the progress of your project in an exciting way.

The camera and built-in computer system
 is protected inside industrial strength weatherproof housing. The solar powered system runs   with a 10.2Ahr lithium-ion battery backup, so requires no external power supply.

For best results, the Lensmen Eye needs to be placed in an elevated position. The camera’s weatherproof housing can be attached to any elevated vantage point already available on site, with a variety of fittings suitable for protected buildings or locations. If no point of elevation exists on site, we can install a camera pole,  specifically constructed for strength and stability. This fixed pole can be cemented in semi-permanently, alternatively the Sure Foot system can be used – a method that allows for ease of movement and prevents any long-term environmental damage.