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Lensmen Photography & Video are fully equipped, with a private studio and equipment of the highest standards. Our team of full-time photographers have the capacity to cover events up to 10 days’ in length. Our private studio is fitted out with the latest hardware, a studio space for headshots or pieces to camera, and ample storage space for our archive, http://www.irishphotoarchive.ie/, reaching back over six decades.

Lensmen have a full range of professional equipment including:

  • Canon cameras, series of lenses from 18mm to 300mm, and shooting rigs.
  • All our Canon 7D Mark II cameras shoot photography stills and video.
  • Apple Aperture specialised archiving system, secure and cross-referenced for easy access to archived work. Every image is shot as a RAW file, which is then compressed in Aperture to RAW and Jpeg image.
  • All images are then uploaded to our Photoshelter site, which makes pooling the images easier. It also means our images are saved in New York, San Francisco, Hong Kong and Australia as they have hubs located around the world. Photoshelter provide websites specifically for photographers
  • Daily back-up of all systems to both ‘cloud’ and off-site secure server, and also onto hard drives which are stored off-site in two different locations.
  • Portable and fixed full studio flash/lighting systems for maximum flexibility on location and in studio.

If you have any questions, please contact us: Phone +353 (0)1 819 7738 | Mobile Phone +353 (0)87 258 4388 or info@lensmen.ie

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