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Lensmen’s has a team of professional property photographers and videographers.

We create professional videos,  fantastic interior photos, and amazing 360° Matterport virtual tours

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Property Architectural Photography ✔ Real Estate Interiors – Exterior Photography ✔ Property Video Production ✔ 360° Matterport Virtual

Call us today at +353 (0)1 819 7738 | Mobile Phone +353 (0)87 258 4388
email info@lensmen.ie

Our services can create great interest for a property on the internet. With the 360° Matterport Virtual Tour camera, it will capture a full image of the room/property that the viewer can look around the room in. The 360° Matterport camera photographs two images/video files from dual lenses with a 180-degree field of view and stitches them together. Then the viewer can click on the image as a video file and scope out the area. It’s a great way for a viewer to get an idea of the perspective of the room. Take a look at our 360° video below.

With the ups and downs of the housing marketing, it is important to make the property you are selling or renting stand out. Over 80% of people looking for new home research online before contacting a realtor. Homes with professional photographs have been proven to sell 30% faster than houses without. Lensmen have been working with several real estate companies over the last few years to create great imagery for their new properties. For your real estate professional photography requirements, we can create 360° footage, walkthrough videos, with or without voice-overs and short videos promoting the property. Our drone pilot can video the outside from above and our photographers can take interior photographs.

We created this Home Walkthrough of Hortland Hall for Lorraine Mulligan from Team Lorraine Mulligan Remax . This video shows a stunning house to its highest calibre. We flew a drone outside the house to show the surrounding area and the exterior of the home. Then we did a walkthrough of the home, with Lorraine Mulligan giving a voice over explaining the property. 

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We can also do Interiors Photography for commercial outlets. Here are some of our Interiors photographs from recent property photoshoots, commissioned by Summerhill Construction, of the inside of the new cafe in UCD Blue Bird Cafe and Soma, in Dublin Airport.

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