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Customer Testimonial and Interview Videos Productions in Dublin Ireland

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Telling Your Brand Story Across All Social Media Platforms

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Are you looking for a unique way to promote your company? Testimonial videos provide a personal and professional medium to reach audiences of all kinds. Lensmen provides a specialist environment to provide testimonials your company would be proud of.

The Best Testimonial is From Your Client

The team at Lensmen made the whole video production process very simple. They listened to our idea and came up with a working concept. They took our feedback, based on our niche area, and came up with a video that was exactly what we asked for. We went from a concept phone call to having a powerful marketing and communication tool inside a week. And we have already seen online sales generated directly from the video. We have just shipped our 1000th sale to the USA based on the work Lensmen did for us. We will certainly be back to work with the team again.”

Paul McDonald, Manager Director of Sonitus Systems | Connect with the Sonitus Cloud http://www.sonitussystems.com/

Create Your Customer Story, Testimonial or Interview Videos Productions to Increase Sales. Telling Your Brand Story Across All Social Media Platforms.

Lensmen create customer testimonials & interview videos our clients. Many of our clients have requested we help them record their customer testimonials & interview videos. This is a great way to provide reviews of your company or your products online.

People like to hear how other customers used the product or services before they purchase themselves.

Though some people may accuse testimonials of being staged, it is easy to tell the difference between a genuine recommendation from a happy customer and a fake review given by a company of themselves.

For more reasons why you should consider doing a testimonial video to help boost your business, click here or here.

If any of your customers express satisfaction with your product or service, then why not ask them if they would be willing to contribute to a testimonial video?

These videos can feature either just one customer or perhaps a visual pop of a series of happy clients. Lensmen can also assist in carrying out interviews of clients for your company for inclusion on your website: with a list of pre-arranged questions, we are happy to walk the start of the video through the pertinent points needed for the final cut.

If you are interested in hiring a professional videographer for your company, please contact us!

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