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Lensmen are available to shoot Fashion Photography Collections, Fashion Portfolios, Fashion Photography Projects,  Fashion Shows and Exhibitions. We can also Convert your Fashion Photographic Library into Video Slideshow. Call us at 01 819 7738 for all your Ecommerce Fashion Photography Needs!

We also have more services like  End-Of-Year Exhibitions and Creating Model Portfolios. Call us today, and let’s chat about your Fashion Shoot:

+353 (0)1 819 7738 |  +353 (0)87 258 4388 or info@lensmen.ie

With 35 years of experience, Susan Kennedy has undertaken fashion shoots in Ireland, Japan, Australia, and continental Europe. She can bring her expertise to create a collection that will stand out across all media.

We are very professional, fully equipped to shoot on location and have our photographic studios at 17 Nottingham Street, Dublin 3.  Or we use studios nationwide that will suit any theme or atmospheric requirements.

Lensmen specialises in Fashion Shows, combining our services to provide video coverage and fashion photography. We have covered major events throughout the years with Alfaparf Milano for their hairstylist award, high-quality models across Ireland, etc.

Our Fashion Photography industry has grown and will continue to rise as we cover major events in the coming years.

If you have a collection of photographs from previous shoots, whether one of our shoots or done by another photographer, we would be happy to convert them into video content for you. This will allow you to share the images more easily on social media and keep your content fresh and appealing to consumers. You can contact us at Phone +353 (0)1 819 7738 | Mobile Phone at +353 (0)87 258 4388 or info@lensmen.ie

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