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Lensmen’s photography services process ensures a smooth operational flow from booking to assignment completion.

Lensmen takes the most detailed brief possible at the time of booking. All bookings are confirmed by email, and our prices, terms & conditions on our website, www.lensmen.ie, are forwarded to the client before the assignment.

If the client requires specific shots at the event, this must be communicated to Lensmen, either at the time of booking the assignment or to the photographer/videographer before the event. We are always happy to oblige with specific requests but need time to plan.

If there are children taking part in the photo shoot, either a parent or a guardian must have signed model release forms before any photographs or videos are taken. If there is a large group photograph of more than 25 people, the client must inform their insurance company and get special cover to include people standing on chairs or raised stands.

The client will verbally confirm the brief and/or give a specific list of instructions for the types of photographs required. They will also provide the photographer/videographer with brochures, props, etc., for the photo or video shoot. Also, if signage is needed for the shots, the client must instruct the photographer to include these in the pictures.

The client will introduce the photographer/videographer to the main/key people who will be in the photos or are required. The shoot will then commence.

If the client or contact person is not present to verbally confirm the brief, the photographer/videographer will ascertain who the key people are and locate all props necessary for a successful shoot.

If the assignment is a press conference or launch with a government minister or VIP, the photographer will always try to get all the main shots done before the VIP enters the function room. Therefore, if the minister or VIP has to go to another meeting, the photographer/videographer will already have all the key shots done.

The photographer/videographer will organise the main/key people, props, etc. and take the majority of the photo or video before the event starts so that during the event, the photographer/videographer can focus on getting headshots, facial/hand expressions, logos and crowd/group shots and overall shots of the room/building/foyer etc.

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All images will be uploaded to our website, www.lensmen.ie. Images are saved as high or low resolution and include an unlimited license. Images can be downloaded at any time or anywhere in the world. Images are not captioned. We will do minor postproduction on the images, but no Photoshop or retouching without extra charges.

Images or prints required from the contact sheets or online can be ordered via email. Hard copies and digital contact sheets are for proofing. Our client may store them on their computer for reference purposes only unless otherwise agreed in writing with Lensmen & Associates.

The client can order prints or unlimited licenses for high/low-resolution scanned digital images. This allows unlimited use of the digital image, for example, brochures, websites, annual reports, online web publications/social media channels or any other purpose they wish.

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