Installation, Maintenance & Support

To provide seamless installation, maintenance & support services, Lensmen has partnered with

Evercam – Cloud CCTV & Construction Timelapse provide 24-hour monitoring and support for the Lensmen Eye Camera.

Services include:

Site SurveyLensmen will assess the proposed locations to pinpoint the ideal positions for the cameras and choose the appropriate mounting methods. The following points will need to be taken into consideration:

    • security
    • access
    • weather protection
    • 3G coverage

This survey will take approximately 2 hours, and the results will be communicated to the client within 24 hours.

InstallationOnce the best position for the Lensmen Eye Camera has been chosen and agreed upon by all parties, we will fix a date and time for installation. Lensmen will be in charge of installing and testing cameras, and we will ensure the correct images and angles are being recorded whilst on site. All Lensmen staff have Safe Pass certifications and are trained to cooperate with all relevant Health & Safety guidelines. We never take risks with our safety or the safety of others.
On-going SupportLensmen team members will actively support our clients to gain the maximum benefit achievable from the Lensmen Eye system:

    • Remote monitoring: Lensmen and our clients will be able to monitor the images being recorded by the cameras as the project unfolds.
    • Remote maintenance: Lensmen will respond to any notifications of failures in the system. If the problem can be resolved offsite, we will take the necessary action to remedy the situation.
    • Onsite maintenance: If the problem needs on-site adjustments, Lensmen will arrange an appropriate time to access the camera. If the device cannot be repaired, it will be replaced with a backup camera, and the project recording will continue. If required, the malfunctioning device will be fixed off-site and ready for further backup.
MonitoringThe Lensmen Eye Camera sends notifications of any problems in the system by email to our office. Our team checks the feed from the camera and controller daily to ensure no issues necessitating action.
Lensmen retain the copyright on all video, clips, sound recordings, time-lapse/hyper-lapse, photographs, prints, images, and digital files. Lensmen will grant the client an unlimited license to use video, clips, sound recordings, time-lapse/hyper-lapse, photographs, drone aerial views, photos, prints, images, and digital files.

For more information, please get in touch with us: 00353 (0)1 8197738  or info@lensmen.ie.

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