Marketing, Promotional and Prospectus Video Production for Primary and Secondary Schools across Ireland.

Are you looking for a new exciting, and engaging way to advertise your school to prospective students, or are you looking to show off the great work your school has done? Making a school prospectus video allows you to stand out from the crowd. Lensmen provides creative and high-quality productions that will impress students and parents.

Lensmen Video Production Specialists in Marketing, Promotional and Prospectus Videos for Primary and Secondary Schools across Ireland.

Showcase Your School Facilities and Syllabus with Our School Promotional Prospectus Videos Production. Which will Promote Your School to Potential Students and Parents. We will tell Your School Story. 

Enjoy a streamlined process from beginning to end as our professional creative video team handles your entire video production journey from storyboard to finished School Promotional Prospectus Video. We are Fully Insured.

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Lensmen Video Production would love to Tell Your Story. 

Educational Videos

The popularity of education & training videos goes right across the board, from school children to CEOs of blue-chip companies. If you have a product that would benefit from being demonstrated to clients, or a process that needs to be explained, a step-by-step video can satisfy most customers. Watching a video of Lensmen also helps them feel like they are having some contact with a human being, which generally is not a perception that abounds when relying on instructional documents alone.

These videos need not be overly dramatic if you work on a limited budget. Hal Varian, Google’s chief economist, did a series of informational videos explaining how advertising on Google works, which featured just him, a whiteboard, and some sticky cutouts. But the information in the videos is just what the target audience needed, so word of the videos spread like wildfire across the marketing and advertising world.

However, our education & training videos can involve a few more features if you wish, such as inserted diagrams or graphics, visual cutaways, sound effects,  split screens, captions, and subtitles, etc. If you have a vision for your project, we would be delighted to bring it to life for you.

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MASF Consulting – Divesity & Inclusion Videos

We created a series of educational and promotional videos for MASF Consulting. These educational videos were to highlight their diversity and inclusion strategies which they can help implement in their clients’ companies.