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6 - 9 - 12 Month Video Producer Internship in Dublin Ireland
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Lensmen: The Resurgence of ‘How To’ Videos

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More than a decade ago, one of the mainstays of early YouTube traffic was ‘How To’ videos. Whether it was for assembling a piece of flatpack furniture, creating the perfect brow, building your first website or doing anything  that truly…

Lensmen: Are your product images transforming the customer experience?

Earlier this month, industry expert Rodric Bradford of MartechToday.com published an article entitled ‘How visual commerce is transforming the customer experience’ about the importance of visual assets when selling online and why it is a…
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Lensmen: Motion Graphics - Designed to Move Your Message

 Motion graphics is a useful combination of design and animation, usually paired with strong, compelling text to bring your message to life and move your intended audience to take action.  Motion graphics is a powerful…