Scripting and Planning Your Corporate or Training Video Production Dublin

The team at Lensmen does not expect to turn up on the day of shooting and have everything waiting for us. We know that some of our clients have never been involved in the video before and therefore have no concept of how much footage is needed for even a 5-minute video. Consequently, we are more than willing to help our clients with all the scripting and planning of video projects necessary for a successful and streamlined video shoot.


Scripting & planning of video projects and video productions in Dublin Ireland.

We can advise on speeches to be included in the video, suitable questions for participants, or suitable clothing for people to wear in the video. The head of our video department, Peter Thursfield, has a strong journalistic background and excels at drawing information from people. He will be more than happy to use these skills for the benefit of your project.

If the idea of making a long speech before a camera is daunting for you, we can use an autocue to guide you through everything you would like to say. But we recommend that you try to use bullet points to remind yourself of sections of your piece rather than read out an entire text, as it sounds far more natural this way. And don’t worry; we can stop and start again or reshoot until you are happy with your performance. Our studio is a safe, private environment, fully equipped to portray you at your best – the best light and angle, and you give your best shot.


We will request many things from you before we arrive on the job. For example: for conferences or events, we will need a running order of speakers or performers; for interviews, we will need access to a relatively quiet and uninterrupted space; for green screen videos, we need a space 25 feet x 12 feet for optimum effect. If you have a series of interviewees, we will require them to be ready and lined up for their time slot. Speeches and questions should be supplied to us at least 24 hours before. If necessary, our team is flexible enough to add extra staff the day of, but this will be reflected in the final invoice. Generally, the more communication between clients and ourselves, the more everybody is aware and prepared for the end goals.

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