Turnaround Times to Edit a News or Press Launch Video Produced by Lensmen for Syndication to National Newspapers, Regional Newspapers, and Magazines in Dublin, Ireland

The turnaround time and process for providing video to the media is as ONE HOUR.

For more information please contact us: 00353 (0)1 8197738  | 087 2584 388 or info@lensmen.ie

For turnaround times of events or campaigns requiring a day of shooting, we will need additional time to plan and prepare. Our chief videographer will meet with the client, discuss their project, view any relevant locations, and help prepare scripts for all participants. Each full-day of shooting will require three days of editing, during which time all dialogue will be clipped and sent for approval. A project will go through a first rough edit for structure and style, a second edit for adjustments and a third edit for refinements. All videos will be transferred digitally to clients by electronic transfer.

The method for providing videography services will depend on whether it is a straight news video or a more in-depth photocall. For news videos, we can provide a one-camera operation that will shoot, edit and syndicate video in one day. The video will be edited, clipped, and sent out within an hour. We are happy to accommodate clients that wish to approve final videos, but as the deadline for online media outlets is 5pm, a representative must be available either in our office or electronically to approve the final video that same day.

  • Raw footage is processed and uploaded
  • We edit and clip audio and visual tracks
  • The video is saved as an MP4, which is suitable for broadcast online or at events, though video files can be provided in any format specified by clients
  • We can provide links to the video through our website, YouTube, and Vimeo, or provide the finished file to clients to host on their own websites

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