The Lensmen crew were delighted when approached by EirGrid Plc last year to record their construction of an electricity pylon in County Cork. EirGrid wanted a combination of photography, video and time-lapse, which just happens to be the exact services Lensmen have to offer.

Here are the final videos of the construction project, so sit back and enjoy.

The construction project took place in Ballyvouskill, County Cork, on the side of a mountain. It started from a green field site, and involved digging of foundations, pouring concrete, construction of the metal struts used to create the tower, and the lifting of the three separate pieces into place before stringing can take place, testing and, finally, connecting to the grid. Though in the video it looks as if the crane is easily picking up the pieces, it was not an easy job considering the weather conditions and the wind speeds on location. You will see just how much rain we were treated to down there! The finished tower reached a height of over 40 meters tall (the same height as O’Connell Bridge House), and will supply electricity into the national grid for the next 20 years.

This combination of photography, video and time-lapse footage is available to all of our clients, either for long-term projects like the EirGrid pylon or for short-term projects such as building marquees, erecting stands at events like the National Ploughing Championships or office fit outs.

We want to thank the team in EirGrid, and Nick Hadley, Dave O’Donavan, Shane, Trixie, Dolibarr, and all the lads from GNS without whom it would never have been built. Special thanks to the farmer whose land the pylon was built on, and the pallet company who helped us create stable platforms for our tripods, the staff at the Castle Hotel and Peter’s new haunt, Golden’s Bar.

Video highlights

Time-lapse highlights

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