Are you looking for executive, business portraiture & corporate head shots for LinkedIn, opportunity network, social media profiles, portraits of your management team, and staff shots for your website? Lensmen Photography is the leading supplier of portrait and corporate head shots, and executive & business portraits in Dublin, Ireland.

Lensmen Business Portraiture Services include:

  • Executive portrait for annual reports
  • Head shots for your Facebook Profile or other social media
  • Corporate portraiture for LinkedIn Profiles
  • Professional profile portraits for CVs
  • Executive & Business portraits for newspaper adverts and company brochures
  • Personnel shots for staff appointments & press announcements

We are the No. 1 choice for executive portraits of your management team or staff for your company profile.

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Why should you use Lensmen for corporate photography?

Services we offer:

  • A photoshoot that can take place in our studio in Dublin 3 or at your office or work place.
  • We have a fully-equipped mobile photo studio with flash and a range backgrounds or green screen. Setting up the studio will take about 10 to 15 minutes and will require a clear space of 14 by 10 foot square space.
  • All selected images are professionally edited and retouched in Photoshop.
  • Digital images will be sized for use in National and Regional press. Further, they can be used online, in annual reports, websites, corporate documents, magazines, LinkedIn profiles and other social media platforms.

Lensmen also offers on-site portraiture services at events, graduations, or trade fairs. This allows clients to offer attendees the option of having their headshot taken by a professional photographer. We have worked with LinkedIn and universities to provide this service, and have helped hundreds of social media users furnish their profiles with an appropriate headshot.

Why is it important to have professional a professional portrait on LinkedIn?

We work with Frances Jones from Images Matters, who provides a complete makeover for personal or corporate life.

We can help you with:

  • How to wear colours and styles that flatter
  • How to portray a powerful, professional ‘look’
  • How to achieve a powerful image across various types of media
  • The importance of fit and finish
  • Body language and posture for maximum effect
  • Finishing touches – what works and what doesn’t
  • How to maximise your photo-shoot and achieve the look
  • Dressing for impact

Check out our guide to the perfect LinkedIn profile portrait!

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