Interior and Exterior Photography

Interior photography is an important selling part of many different industries, including relators, interior designers, architects and the hospitality industry. Interior photography can give the true feel of a room, whether it is a 5 star hotel or a portfolio piece for an interior designer.

As the demand for housing rockets, over 80% of people looking for a new home research online before contacting a relator.  Housing with professional photographs taken have been proven to sell 30% faster.

Interior photography has also become more and more important in the hospitality industry.  Over 50% of bookings are now made online, and customers have rated photos as one of the most important factors before booking a meal or hotel.

When it comes to interior photography, Lensmen photographers have several different styles and techniques to photograph your settings that will best suit your business.

We use different light settings, lenses and editing techniques depending on the aesthetic of the room.

We like our images to tell the story of the room. If we are shooting a modern apartment that was designed to let in as much light as possible, or an 18th century building filled with historic information and scenery, we make sure our finished product shows this. If there is one main piece of furniture, that all eyes will be drawn to, our photographs will represent this.

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