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How Professional Product Photography and 360° Degree Product Photography Can Improve Your Site

Whether starting a new business or trying to increase sales it is important to make an impression on potential clients. Stunning imagery is a great way to make an impact.  At Lensmen, we pride ourselves in providing the best possible answer to our client’s briefs as possible and have many years of experience in product photography.  An online store’s main goal is to sell its products, which good photography can help with. A quality photograph can do the work of a page of type.

These are some of the reasons why our product photography can improve sales on your site:

Less Time Reading More Time Looking

There is so much choice on the Internet that consumers spend less than 59 seconds making a decision on the products on your site. That gives you less than a minute to tell your customers why your product is worth investing in. A good product image can tell a visual story much faster and better than type. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.


Your products can leave a lasting impression on a consumer when you have impressive imagery on your site. There is so much choice online you want to make sure your site is remembered. A professional photographer knows how to make your product look the best. We will make sure your stock is displayed in a custom way to leave an imprint on a browser’s head. Your site represents your business, the better the photographs the bigger the impact.

Professional Editing

Different lighting can have a different effect on any subject being photographed. We will ensure that your merchandise looks as great online as it does in person.


Your products and site were created with a personality and theme. We can shoot your products using a unique background, or colors for all imagery on your site. Depending on your preference, your merchandise can look classical, urban, modern, trendy, traditional, etc. You created these products with a specific client in mind. We can shoot your merchandise in a way that will best appeal to your target audience.


Good-quality images convey a message of professionalism.  There is still weariness among consumers to purchasing products online from new stores. Professional personalized images can create trust with your potential customers.

Increase Website Traffic

Sites with professional E-Commerce Product photography have 80% more visitors than sites without. Good photography makes consumers more inclined to spend longer on your website, which can help improve your site ranking in search engines

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