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Based in Dublin, Lensmen have been working in food video production with several different types of culinary producers (such as culinary agencies, restaurants, caterers, etc.) to create fantastic photographs and videos for social media and marketing use. Our food videography our clients can show their customers what it is that makes their company unique.

We like to tell our client’s unique stories. We do this by displaying the preparation and skill in creating each meal. Our Lensmen staff makes sure our client’s cuisine looks at its best, by staging and composing the meal before photographing. Our team makes sure the food looks delicious and vibrant, and that the surrounding environment gives a great representation of our client’s company.

Lensmen are experienced in all different ranges of food photography and video production. Here are some of our favorites from our portfolio:

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Organic Food Photography

Food Video Production

Lensmen can produce all different types of food videos. We have been producing slow motion reels, recipe videos, restaurant kitchen videos and a mixture of all three. Below are some examples from are portfolio. See more of our videos on Vimeo

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Chef’s Recipe Videography

In the Kitchen, Restaurant Videos

Food Videos for Social Media

We are experts in video production, marketing food, transforming your business ideas into captivating and stunning images.


1- Firstly, we work side by side with you to understand your business aims and customers;

2- Then, we analyse the recipe or the story you want to tell and present you with a fabulous visual script that will showcase cooking procedures;

3- We are available to shoot on location or from our studios, producing your potentially viral videos.

WHAT IS YOUR RESTAURANT WAITING FOR? We invite you to take a bite!

Our main business focuses on product videos for commercial clients, with more than 60 years of experience readily available.

Quotations may include aspects listed below:

-Script and Storyboard


-Voiceover and Music


File processing and storage


Delivery of the final video

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