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The meaning of the word ‘Story’ or ‘Stories’ has evolved in recent years, with the introduction of ‘Stories’ functionality on popular social media sites including Instagram and Facebook. 

As most business owners or marketers know, a great product or service is rarely enough to drive business success; people have to know about it!  To really thrive, any brand or business must attract customers and build trust with clear messaging and authentic marketing. Video is undoubtedly one of the best tools in a marketer’s toolbox and new tools and social media platforms have made marketing videos accessible to businesses of all sizes and budgets, in a way that it simply wasn’t before. 2020 statistics show that 85% of businesses use or plan to use video as part of their overall marketing and communication strategy.

Of course, photographs are still the most common brand content on Instagram and Facebook, and they will continue to be a critical part of the marketing strategy, however, video for businesses has been gaining traction for several years and this is not a trend that is going away!

Right now, photographs tend to outperform videos when it comes to engagement online, but in real terms, engagement numbers for videos are growing at a faster rate than any other form of content, which is significant.

As a multimedia company, we know that all different forms of visual communication have their place. Each is more suited to a particular type of message or a different social media platform. 

Interestingly, Instagram and Facebook introduced the ‘Stories’ feature because they know that we are social creatures, which means communicating and sharing information about our lives is deeply compelling to us. As humans, we also like to receive information in this way. We are wired for storytelling.  Video offers businesses, artists, and creators the ability to share complex, in-depth stories that simply cannot be truly conveyed in a single image. 

Video stories, away from the social media platform functionality, might be a case study or testimonial of a client’s experience dealing with your brand or business that becomes something of a mini-documentary.  This is a powerful way to convey your core brand message or to introduce your company culture in a way that builds recognition and trust amongst your followers and customers.

That all sounds quite serious but it doesn’t have to be… like every creative endeavor, it just has to be real. In fact, it is important for brands to show personality by incorporating a mix of fun and lighthearted content that reflects the tone and style of your brand. We have seen and been involved in making great videos about the recruitment process, corporate social responsibility or CSR/charitable initiatives, client testimonials, the new office dog settling in and so much. The options are limited only by your imagination, don’t be afraid to get your clients/customers involved!

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