Does your branding speak the language of your target generation?


Irish research agency Amárach has just published its latest report ‘Researching Gen Z’ and it makes for some interesting reading. 






Generation Z is the term used to describe people born between 1995 and 2015 (today’s 5 to 25-year olds).  Gen Z is truly a new generation, with a life experience entirely unfamiliar to previous generations. For example, these kids, teens and young adults have never known a world without smartphones, constant connectivity, all conceivable information at their fingertips and a real time window to the world. They are the first generation of absolute digital natives.


They are also amongst the fastest growing consumer groups on the planet so, chances are, if you are selling, you are selling to Gen Z. But is your sales message getting through..? 


Sprinkled throughout the Amárach research are helpful tips for those wishing to communicate with this important consumer group. Unlike the generation before it, Facebook Page advertising alone is not enough to reach and influence Gen Z online. 


Drawing from our own experiences working with entrepreneurs, SMEs and corporates targeting Generation Z, the team here at Lensmen has distilled the most compelling parts of the research into our top five tips: 


Lensmen’s Top 5 Tips:


  • Pictures speak a thousand words:  Gen Z have everything at their fingertips, through their smartphones. Many Gen Zs choose Instagram over Facebook,  which means that all they see are pictures and if pictures don’t intrigue them, they will simply continue to scroll. A picture needs to jump out at them, tell them a story at first glance, make them want to stop and read the words that accompany it. 


  • Know your audience: When writing any piece of content to accompany your images, graphics or even the text on your picture, you can’t write as if you are speaking to a middle aged person. You need to use various words and phrases that Gen Z uses. You must try to understand their way to thinking and get inside their heads; speak tier language. Research the social media platforms they prefer and when it comes to sharing images and videos, regularly ‘test’ the audience by measuring the performance of different posts and comparing. Another good way to do this is to put together a test group, seek their opinions and ask for honest feedback. 


  • Prioritise mobile: If you can’t get your word out to Gen Z through their smartphones, they simply won’t see it or won’t be interested in it. You need to make sure you are correctly targeting this audience. On a daily basis Gen Z scrolls through hundreds of ads over various social media platforms so you need to ensure that you are engaging your target/buying generation as you promote one time offer deals, experimental apps, etc –  all with bright, attractive photography of course!


  • Amplify their voice and offer freedom: This generation is all about activism; they want their voices to be heard and to amplify the voices of others. They aren’t ones to simply fade into the background. They want to leave their own mark on the world around them. You will want to create an experience they can take part in that includes their smartphones. Perhaps a photo competition, something to highlight an important cause or participate in movements that can potentially empower them to change the world. Photographs are so powerful, so let’s start raising awareness and empowering people through visual aids. 


  • It’s not all about technology: Through extensive research it has been shown that this generation does want to be able to take some time away from their technology every day – a digital detox. If it is still photography that they wish to do then hand them a camera. They can go out and explore nature. Look at people around them, experience different behaviours and keep a record of their adventures so they can always look back in two or three decades time and look at the changes in the world. The key desire here for is experiences rather than stuff, so, if you are selling ‘stuff’ you will need to create an experience around it.


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