Who is a portrait photographer?

A portrait photographer is a one who specializes in taking pictures of people. 

How to take a portrait shot?

Portrait formal refers to the vertical display of frame in which the side edges are longer than the top and bottom edges. Hence, the subject appears taller. Positioning the camera at vertically at 90 degrees helps in taking portrait images…

What is the difference between a portrait and a headshot?

The main difference between a headshot and a portrait is how the images will be used. A headshot identifies the subject whereas a portrait tells the person viewing the portrait something more about the subject. Headshots are taken for official…

How to make a good corporate headshot photoshoot?

Professional headshots are usually done in a photography studio with a neutral background and special lighting, so the focus is entire only the subject. To get a good shot of the subject, one must take the shot from a low angle or slightly…

What are corporate headshots?

Corporate headshots are a type of business portrait photo used for company websites, business cards, press releases, and LinkedIn profiles. 

What is headshot photography?

Headshot photography is one of the most in-demand services a photographer can offer. All the businesses require headshots. Corporate businesses put headshots of their employees on their websites to increase reliability on website and social…

How to take a portrait?

Here at Lensmen, our photographers will ensure that we have the perfect setup for your portrait. The photography team can shoot your portrait on location or in our inhouse studio!Our set up can include backdrops, lighting and props. We use…