What is the role of an advertising photographer?

The main role of an advertising photographer is to take attention-grabbing photographs that are worthy in appearing in print publications, on commercials and other marketing channels.

What is advertising photography?

Advertising photography concerns taking pictures of products or services that are used in print advertisements, like newspaper and magazine ads. These photographs might also be featured in online or traditional marketing spaces. 

What is Corporate Lifestyle photography?

Corporate photography plays a crucial role during the key events of a company and can have a lot of other functions as well.

What is lifestyle photography?

Lifestyle photography is that genre of photograph that focuses on capturing portraits of people in real-life situations, events or in a framed artistic manner. The main objective is to narrate a story of the subject’s life or to provide inspiration…

Who is a portrait photographer?

A portrait photographer is a one who specializes in taking pictures of people. 

How to take a portrait shot?

Portrait formal refers to the vertical display of frame in which the side edges are longer than the top and bottom edges. Hence, the subject appears taller. Positioning the camera at vertically at 90 degrees helps in taking portrait images…

Why is Public Relations photography important?

Including a picture in your press release will grab a journalist's attention and will facilitate you tell your story. Consider the various images you may need. It's useful to own a range of shots — from your product in action, to cut outs…

What is Public Relations photography?

A PR photographer is commissioned to create images for a business, organisation or individual's news usage. It is all about choosing the photo to accompany a pitch for an article, case study, or press release. It's vital because images amplify…

Why is corporate photography important?

It is important in main events of the company. Good photographs help in promoting the company’s offerings in the digital and traditional space.

What is a corporate shoot?

Corporate photography focuses on businesses and their needs. You can capture professional headshots of your employees and add these to an about or team page on your website which will help in making it look reliable.

What is event photography?

It helps in documenting moments in a tangible form-weddings, anniversaries, parties and shows. A photographer has to discuss requirements with clients, take photographs during the event, edit photos after the event and deliver the final pr…

Why is event photography important?

Event photography is important because it gives your event or business credibility. It not only makes the business look professional and reliable but also helps in marketing.

Do you take business photos?

Yes! Our photography team are able to take professional photos for your business. This can range from sleek images of your workspace, creative and unique photos of your product or even professional headshots for your website.Email us today…

Do you do fashion photography?

At Lensmen, we have a professional photography team for your fashion photography needs. We can create unique and individual studio set-up to suit the style of your clothing.Contact info@lensmen.ie for more information

Do you do food photography?

We do! Our photography team are able to create high quality images for you. Food photography is perfect for restaurants and cafes to show off their meals on their website and social media.Contact us for information - 087 258 4388 // inf…

Do you do event photography?

Yes! Our expert team of photographers are able to travel across Ireland to photograph your event. We offer various different photography services that are perfect for events such as green screens and photo booths.To learn more, email info@lensmen.ieCheck…

Do you create content for influencers?

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Yes ! We love creating content for influencers. Having high quality photos, videos and graphics will result in higher interactions on your social media posts. No matter the post, our video and photography team can help you create amazing shots…

What is editorial photography?

Our Lensmen photography team provide high quality and professional editorial shoots for our clients. Editorial photography is normally seen alongside a body of text and used in a spread in a magazine or newspaper. Our editorial photographers…

How do you take green screen photos?

Our professional photography team can set up a green screen on location or in our studio. Green screen photography works as post production we can key in on the solid green background and make the background any visual you want. Green screen…

How to take a portrait?

Here at Lensmen, our photographers will ensure that we have the perfect setup for your portrait. The photography team can shoot your portrait on location or in our inhouse studio!Our set up can include backdrops, lighting and props. We use…

What photography services do you provide?

At Lensmen our professional and dedicated photography team are able to provide various different photography services.Some of these include; product photography, property photography, event photography , state visits photography , party…