Time-lapse & Video | St Patrick’s Bridge Refurbishment

Delighted to make this stunning time-lapse & video footage for Cork City Council of the refurbishment of St Patrick’s bridge over the past few months. Over 150 years old, this bridge has great historic value to Cork City,  and it’s wonderful to see it back to its original glory.

St Patrick’s Bridge, originally opened in 1861, was reopened after refurbishment was completed on the 16th of March 2019. Anyone with the name Paddy or Patricia-  in any language – to come along for a special photograph to mark the occasion. Over 158 men, women and children turned up and were all given a free St Patrick costume.

We created this video using time-lapse cameras, drone footage and our videographers shot specific parts of the projects, the working on certain parts of the restoration. We are delighted how the video turned out and it was even posted on the Irish Examiner.

Well done to all involved in the refurbishment including Cumnor Construction, Protectit and Gebel & Helling.

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