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Kathrina Rupit

“Unity”, an Art exhibition by Kathrina Rupit 

The Mexican Embassy in Ireland presents “Unity”, an Art exhibition by Kathrina Rupit aka KinMx.

The Exhibition is open to the public from 31st August till 18th September

Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm 

Unity” is a very interesting concept so common in use that we forget the full meaning of the word, because unity is defined by the dictionary of the Spanish language as:

A quality of every being, by virtue of which it cannot be divided without its essence being destroyed or altered.

In this exhibition I will use the term Unity’ from the alchemical tradition to explain how this concept is reflected in our daily experience.

The second principle of alchemy is that of Correspondence ”

There is nothing outside the Whole. As above, so below; as it is inside, it is outside. It affirms that this principle is manifested in the three Great Planes: The Physical, the Mental and the Spiritual.

With this point I want to imply that part of the global concept of unity between people, races, sexes and cultures begins with the unity of the individual, since as it is inside, it is outside. The behaviour of one individual with respect to another is a reflection of what is inside it, for which unity is our nature and when trying to divide, unity is altered or destroyed, causing a different reaction to our divine nature.

This body of work is accompanied by the collaboration of writers and musicians who will narrate the history of some pieces from their own perspective.

I hope that their words and my colours can inspire the viewer to see Unity not only as tolerance, but more as a path of self-discovery and acceptance in order to coexist in a naturally harmonious world.

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Kathrina Rupit (KIN MX), is a street artist currently based in Dublin, Ireland. She got into street art when she was 13 and living in Monterrey, Mexico, she got into photography school and then visual arts at the University in Nuevo Leon, Mexico. In this wayshe combined all the pieces for the puzzle. Her inspiration is in part from Mexico and other parts of her daily life combined with her perception of current issues. Kathrina likes to create in her work a cultural and environmental awareness, using recycling materials with the same idea as ‘’The Day of the Dead’’, that death is not the ending, it is the beginning of something else.
At the moment she is working as a full time artist, she has a studio in “The Chocolate Factory, creative community”, Dublin, Ireland and is collaborating with some galleries, events, festivals and different projects.

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