Why is product photography important?

Product photography is so important to include on your website and social media. Here at Lensmen, we have a variety of reasons why you should include product photography on your website.

  • Less Time Reading More Time Looking – reading bodies of text can be boring for site visitors, get to the point and show them what the product looks like.
  • Impact – with impressive, high quality images you can leave a lasting impact on prospective customers.
  • Professional Editing – lighting can have different effects on products, we ensure with our skilled editors that your product will look as good as it does in real life.
  • Branding – product photography will allow you to create a brand image for your website, making your company easy to identify.
  • Credibility – including product photos on your website automatically tells customers you are a credible shop who they can trust.
  • Increase Website Traffic – search engines LOVE photos, so having high quality product photography on your website means you’ll rank higher on search engines and increase your website traffic.


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Check out our site dedicated to 360 degree product photography – 360virtualworld.ie