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Five years ago Lensmen decided to expand our services to include video. Lensmen had been working in photography for over 60 years at a variety projects, but short videos were getting increasingly more popular online on social media and for business websites.  Lensmen decided to move with the times and delve into videography and film.

Our director Susan Kennedy went on a search for enthusiastic, creative minded videographers who were looking to be part of something new. They set to work on creating a department that was able to direct, film, script and edit any opportunity that came along.

Mindfulness and Mental Health Video Campaigns

Our main business since beginning our video departments in Lensmen has mainly been videos for event and marketing purposes and Time-Lapse videos.

However sometimes we get the opportunity to film documentary style. These videos have interesting people, characters and contexts.

The three videos below are examples of work we have done on mindfulness and mental health. They all have different topics but there is a similar theme of wellness through the three videos.

In “Against Nature” Owen Murphy and Rowan Minjon  talk about their personal form of escapism through surfing.  Owen and Rowan are captivated with surfing. “I’ve tried living without it and I always come back”.  Not only a hobby, surfing is a form of mediation to these two men. This short documentary shows that having a hobby, a place to escape to and time for yourself truly benefits your body and mind to push yourself and never give in. “You’re never against the wave, you’re against yourself.

Georgia Behan

Several months ago we contacted Fit Studios  about making a video on the importance of fitness and health. Fit Studios director Steve Doody told us about one of his clients Georgia Behan, a lady who had battles with eating disorders for many years. Georgia wanted to look like the girls on Instagram and started to restrict her diet. Georgia very courageously explains her journey of dealing with suicidal thoughts and unhealthy living to taking the steps to becoming strong and healthy. “You feel like you can’t win, you can and you will”

For those affected BodyWhys are an Irish organisation that support and inform people affected by eating disorders.

Pieta House have done marvellous work throughout Ireland, providing a free, therapeutic approach to people who are in suicidal distress and those who engage in self-harm. All their therapy and support is completely free for all so they came up with the idea of the Darkness into Light walk. This walk takes place once a year in the summer all around Ireland and in some parts of the world. Just before dawn hundreds of thousands people walk toward the sunrise, darkness into light, giving a message of hope.

We were privileged to be asked to photograph and film one of these walks in Bray in May and this video is our clips of the walk.

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