Photographer Versus Your Phone

Get the Professionals! Why a professional photographer is better than your phone camera.

You can cook your own food but does it taste like fine dining?

From food to holiday snaps we all have 100s of photos on our phones. Everywhere you go there is someone snap-happy shooting all around them. And it’s great! We suddenly have a world where everyone is looking around them and finding something interesting to shoot.

So with all these new photography enthusiasts and with great quality cameras, why do you need a professional photographer?

Here are just 4 reasons why a professional photographer can improve your event.

Why You Need a Professional Photographer


Have you ever been to an event and seen a photographer carrying two cameras with different lenses on them?  That’s because different lenses can capture events in completely different ways, without compromising the quality of the photo.

In general, a photographer has a lens to take close-up crowd shots and a camera with a lens that takes great overview shots of the event.


A camera can’t see the world as we can. If you take a group photo on an overcast day the sky can be completely bleached out and the people bright, or the people can be dark and the sky can be bright.

Unlike phones, camera equipment is specifically designed to take the best possible photo it can hundreds of different lighting styles. With a camera and a flash, you can easily allow for adjusting to light in any circumstance.


These images also are large high-quality images, making them easy to adjust for different uses, magazines, leaflets, the web, etc.

festival photograph
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Ensuring the Photograph is Just Right

 It’s not just an expensive camera that makes the photo but the photographer’s. A professional photographer will portray the environment and atmosphere of an event in the photographs, a youthful atmosphere or corporate depending on branding and the required marketing of the client

From the top button on the shirt to the perfect background, to everyone smiling, a professional Lensmen photographer will ensure that everything looks great in a photograph. At a fast-paced event with attendees coming and going, a PR photo could be easily ruined if someone forgets to move an empty glass or dustbin out of the way of the shoot, but an experienced photographer will look out for all these minor details that can make or break a PR event.

DNG Group Photo

Work the Room

Lensmen’s photographers have many years of experience and know how to work a room. A photographer must rapidly change from being a fly on the wall to directing people into the correct poses. People can be very uncomfortable in front of a camera, and a good photographer can put clients at ease without noticing.

The All-seeing Photographer’s Eye

After a photographer has arranged the correct lighting, checked the client’s appearance, picked the ideal background, tidied the ground, and put everyone at ease, they now ensure the photograph has a story.  Lensmen photographers now create an account that suits the event. A photographer will take shots at the event, creating a feeling of the atmosphere.

A photographer with a sharp eye will snap unique photographs of an event that will show the event at its best.

Photography and Video editing Lensmen is a Post Production Editing in Company in Ireland

Fast Turn Around, Easily Edited and Adjusted

Lensmen have specific systems and programs to guarantee the client receives their photographs quickly, efficiently and without difficulty. Our team of photographers also have experienced editors and can easily adjust imagery if there is a request for edits.

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