Lensmen & Evercam

In this video, we share just some of the reasons we love our partnership with Evercam. Their brilliant technology has made our time-lapses go above and beyond. From our wonderful partnership, your company gets two incredible things.

  1. High resolution, live view of your site
    1. With this no matter where you are, you’re only one click away from seeing whats happening in real time.
    2. All of the footage is archived and downloaded to the cloud, so you can quickly access the images you need.
    3. It’s easy to share the footage with any colleagues necessary.
  2. We create a stunning video that tells the story of your site
    1. Our internal and external drone footage elevates the quality of the project.
    2. The editing experts at Lensmen know how to find the best shots for the best results.
    3. The video we produce can be used on social media, in promotional material, or for internal communication.

Our staff are all well-versed in onsight safety and all hold safe passes. Overall our partnership aims to save your company time and money while keeping your project on track.

Evercam have been one of the best partners we’ve worked with and we can’t wait to do more with them. Check out more of our construction time-lapse here and don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re interested in our services.

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