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Video Production Internship

At Lensmen, we love our interns; we really do. And we believe internships are vital for young people.
We’re so passionate about what we do that we want to share it with as many people as possible. To have young people who are excited, willing to learn, and ready to expand their skills is all we could ever ask for. We’re a small team, so our interns play a big part. They work alongside us, learning and applying their skills to our team.
We’ve got many great interns on staff, and we’d like to introduce some of them.
Our interns come from all over the world and from all different backgrounds. They offer such a fresh take on our work and breathe new air into the company. We’re always looking for more. Click here if you’re interested in joining us for an internship.

Video Production Internship

Sarah comes to us from Germany and Sweden. Currently, she’s focusing more on the photography side of things. Sarah’s been perfecting how to shoot her photos and learning Photoshop’s ins and outs. She’s only been with us for a few weeks but will be with us until March. In such a short time, she’s already done such good work. We look to having her more involved in marketing in the coming weeks. Time will only tell what other amazing work she does for us.

Video Editing Internship

Rachel grew up between Ireland and America and currently lives full-time in Ireland. While doing film studies, Rachel has become comfortable in the director’s chair. With us, she’s been trying a bit of everything else. She’s gone along on shoots, operated cameras and perfected her editing skills.

Photography Internship

Alannah was born and raised in Ireland. Like Sarah, she, too, is focusing on honing her photography and Photoshop skills. She’s with us only one day a week to gain practical working experience along with her studies. Alannah’s quite a fast learner and can adapt to anything we throw her way. For someone who’s been with us so little, her skills have improved so much.

James, who originates from West Dublin, joined us in September. He’s been learning how to do some filming but mostly tightening up his editing skills. One of the biggest endeavours he’s embarked on was a series of 13 videos for Makeshift Ireland. Recently, he got his safe pass and has been going out on sights to work with the time-lapse cameras.  However, his most fun shoots were at Trinity College and Croke Park.

Video Editing Internship Dublin Ireland

Aurora hails from Spain and will be with us for seven months. She, too, is focusing on the video editing side of things. Having her around has been a great help to our food production team, and she’s made videos for them like these. One of the other things she’s done for us is going around to various Dublin events and getting some amazing shots. On top of that, she’s also been accompanying on bigger shoots. We’re excited to see what else she does here.

And finally, there’s me. My name is Dillon. I’m currently going to school for journalism back home in the States, but I’m in my semester abroad. I’ve been here for three months, splitting my time between attending school and working at Lensmen. I manage their social media as well as a few other areas of online marketing. Chances are, if you’ve read something from Lensmen in the last three months, I wrote it. I have absolutely loved my time here at Lensmen and will be very sad to leave.

Marketing Internship Dublin Ireland

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