Professional LinkedIn Photos Are Essential

“Making a good first impression” – does this mean dressing nicely, smiling, being polite and most importantly, seeming sophisticated? Sure! Personal interviews exist for exactly this purpose – that the employer gets a first impression of a candidate as well as the candidate presenting himself in his limelight. In any case, however, the candidate only gets a single chance to make a first impression. In person, he can flaunt his charm or make use of extensive vocabulary to cover up possible flaws. However, the online world allows only one way to make a first impression – your profile picture!

When creating a profile on a professional networking site such as LinkedIn, the picture you choose will define you as a person and shape your reputation to a certain extent. It can often play a big factor when an employer is deciding whether to hire you or not.

LinkedIn has over 332 million members and is the world’s largest professional network. Many people are hired through this network, and it can all start with a single picture. Research that was conducted by LinkedIn in 2016 found that a profile with a picture makes it 14 times more likely to be viewed.

The two fundamental reasons why someone would click on your profile would be the company you are working for or your profile picture. If one of these two don’t appeal, chances are that people will skip past your profile. However, just having “a picture” won’t get you your dream job. With today’s ever advancing technology, there is no excuse to have a profile picture of poor quality. At the same time, a misleading photo that makes you appear like you want to be recruited for anything BUT the job you are actually aiming at will quickly lead to disappointment.

Avoid this through having a professional portrait taken that will righteously represent your character. At Lensmen, we focus on simplicity, a clean background, and your personality. In the end, YOU make the photo, so always ensure that you look approachable, polite and most importantly, smile!

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