Happy Halloween!  Here’s a look back at some of our work from October and before 


Congratulations to Michael D Higgins on winning his second term as president. We wish him the best for the upcoming 7 years. 
Amazingly, Lensmen have attended every inauguration of an Irish president since Sean T O’ Ceallaigh in 1952. That means we have had photos of every president’s first day on the job, except Douglas Hyde, the first president of Ireland. We’ve created a blog with a photo from each inauguration. These photos are a great time capsule of Irish history, with the same faces appearing in the background several of the earlier  photos.
Check out our current portfolio of photography work in the link below. 

Video Project

Lensmen staff were in awe while videoing and photographing the Cirque Du Soleil‘s crew, at their rehearsal in the 3 Arena.  Cirque Du Soleil brought there latest show “OVO” to Dublin and stunned their audience every night. Lensmen were invited to the rehearsal of the trampoline part of the show and we got this amazing footage, these guys make it look easy!

Ulster Bank Time-Lapse Video 

Ulster Bank had an award ceremony during October and we created this time-lapse of Ulster Bank’s award ceremony during the month.   From stage st up to the end of the night we got the whole event in one video!

See more of Lensmen’s Time-Lapse work here.

Happy Halloween! 

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