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Lensmen have been working with Summerhill Construction over the past few months photographing some of their fantastic  fit out work. Here’s a few photos we took at several different restaurants that  Summerhill Construction have fitted out.

We have Photographed The Blue Bird Cafe in UCD, Street Kitchen in Heuston Station and Dublin Airport, Soma on O’Connell Street and Dublin Airport and several others.

All these restaurants are stunning buildings and we’ve loved snapping them!

When it comes to interior photography, Lensmen photographers have several different styles and techniques to photograph your settings that will best suit your business.

We use different light settings, lenses and editing techniques depending on the aesthetic of the room.

We like our images to tell the story of the room. If we are shooting a modern apartment that was designed to let in as much light as possible, or an 18th century building filled with historic information and scenery, we make sure our finished product shows this. If there is one main piece of furniture, that all eyes will be drawn to, our photographs will represent this.

See more of Lensmen’s photography work here.

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