How can you portray one’s brand’s personality in our videos?

To watch a video is a step closer to experiencing the story. Brand stories have their own personalities and are not marketing or sales pitches. Hence, the stories should stick true to the company’s value proposition, should create value…

What are the types of corporate videos?

Brand video, conference or exhibition film, social media videos, email videos, testimonial videos, FAQs, internal communication videos.

What should a corporate video include?

It includes training videos, safety instructional manuals for employees, new product demonstrations, customer or client testimonial videos and interviews with company leaders.

What is meant by corporate video?

Is any type of non-advertisement-based video content created by a business, company or organization for selling a company’s core demographics or internal employees.

Difference between commercial video production, advertising video production, promotional, marketing and product video production.

Video productions can be classified into many categories.The main objective of product video production is to create awareness among the consumers about the qualities of the product and to build the reputation of the product by giving information…

Which video production should your company focus on?

The type of video production can be bespoke according to the needs of one’s company- be it advertising, marketing, promotional or product video production.

What are the various types of commercial video productions?

There are several types of commercial video productions that one can make to promote their brand such as- company profile, customer testimonials, staff training, talent recruitment, event documentation, conferences and seminars.

How can Lensmen help you with commercial videos?

Clients come to us with a brief of the project and we respond with creative ideas, which is then brought to life using animation, graphics and a mix of other things.We believe that every client has a different marketing objective, and we…

How long should a commercial video be?

The video ad length for such videos is typically between 11 to 20 seconds long, with 62 percent of all studied gaming video ad creative within this 10-second range.

What is a commercial video?

Is a video marketing either a product, service or a brand. The main objective of a video commercial is to increase brand visibility, capture new customers and retain the existing ones.Brands of all sizes are using online video advertising…

How do video productions companies get clients?

Identify sectors that need video productions, create a video production sample, build a portfolio, use email marketing, focus on networking and SEO. Promote yourself.

Why do I need a professional video production service?

Choosing a professional video production service means you are guaranteed high quality and professional results. Lensmen have been trusted by government departments, multinational companies and small businesses to create unique and distinct…

How will professional video production help you/ your company or personal branding?

Videos add a human element to the information that one is providing. Videos introduce the products to the target audience in a way that is beyond wordy research and is presented in a way that makes one consider buying it.Professional videos…

What is professional video production service?

Video Production is the artistry of narrating a story from a cinematographic aspect.The visual graphics including images, lighting,music and expression is all harmonized together to produce a final product.

Why do I need promotional videos?

Promotional videos are perfect for product launches, company announcements or press releases. Promotional videos allow you to create a brand identity for your company. At Lensmen we will strive to create a distinctive, creative and impactful…

Who does video production ?

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We do ! Here at Lensmen, we provide a wide range of video production services.These include : promotional videos, property videos, event videography, videos for school open days, videos for award shows and video editing.Our dedicated…

What is video production ?

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Video production is the process of compiling multiple clips of video and editing them together with photographs/animations/motion graphics/voice overs. This content could be for an array of different reasons, from real estate videos to car production…

What video services do you provide?

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We provide a wide array of video services, these include; promotional, car, corporate, property, educational, food, testimonials , drone, video stories, 360 video, seminars, honorary conferring, commercial, conference, time lapse , state visits,…