Visual Storytelling for your Business, use Lensmen product Photos

Loyal customers are not always won over by a great product alone or even a great product with impeccable service, many are also influenced by the connections or emotional associations  that are made. Professor Gerald Zaltman of Harvard Business School has estimated that a whopping 95% of customers buying decisions are influenced by emotions rather than any practical or logical thought process. The single best way to form a connection with your clients or customers is to tell the story of your business or brand, and for that story to be compelling and well communicated. People are natural storytellers and we are drawn to brands that tell us a story, one that connects with us, one that makes us feel something. The impact and importance of storytelling was highlighted in a study in 1969 by Stanford University. Students were asked to memorize ten sets of words and after, the group was divided into two groups, one of which was asked to create a story for each set of words. When tested on the words later that day, the group who created stories recalled over 80% of their words and the control group recalled approximately 20%. 


This is why audio is often more powerful than the written word, but what is more powerful than audio? Visual. What we see, we can interpret and remember. Most people can remember something better after seeing photographs or images, rather than simply being told about it or reading about it. Here at Lensmen, our team can help you to tell the story of your business through a series of visually pleasing images and videos. When done authentically, this is the best way to attract the attention of your target audience. 


Irrespective of your product or service offering, communication is crucial. And visual communication is the single most effective type of brand communication. It follows the ‘show, don’t just tell’ philosophy of marketing, which – when done properly – is so much more compelling for your audience and for your brand community. There is also a reputational benefit from consistent brand messaging that is genuine and relevant. 


When it comes to business storytelling, it helps to take a human approach. Why did the founders set up the business? What were the core values, mission and early ambitions?  Why does your team buy into the overall vision? Consumers value authenticity whereas your community demands it. In fact, research from Stackla showed that 86% of consumers said that authenticity is a major factor for them when deciding where to buy their products. 


Creating and maintaining a brand is a journey. Over the course of that journey, there will be inevitable changes to your story. There are highs and lows, don’t be afraid to share them all. We understand that it can be tough to know how and where to start. That’s where the Lensmen team can help. Talk to us about your business, your products and your target customers/clients and let us propose the very best visual solutions for your brand.


Founded in 1952, Lensmen is one of Ireland’s most established and accredited photography and video production agencies. The Lensmen team specialise in press, PR and commercial photography, corporate video services, time-lapse capture, and 360 videos.  Lensmen: Brand storytelling designed to engage