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Lensmen are delighted to add drone photography and video to the services we have to offer our clients. Mainly due to the currently booming construction industry in Ireland, drones have many uses. They can survey land before a construction begins, film the site through the duration of the build to video the development or drones can capture different parts of the project coming together, like our video for Mary Elmes Bridge.  Our professional, fully licensed drone pilot can cover a lot of clients  construction, roof surveys, land surveys, real estate, parts of marketing videos, environmental changes and recording the changes on a site.  Lensmen quote for all projects no matter how big, small or detailed.


Drones can survey historic monuments without causing any harm to the site. So Heritage councils, archaeologists and other professionals can use new drone technologies such as thermal imaging to help with monitoring conditions, without worrying about causing harm. Drones can also help with creating 3-D models and gathering previously unknown data on what could be found underground.

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To see more of our work, check out our two showreels below, or look at our portfolio page. for an enquiry please contact : 01 819 7739 or info@lensmen.ie

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