Conference Video Production

Lensmen’s video team are based in Dublin city, but travel throughout Ireland to give our clients the best professional video service possible. Our conference video production team can create fantastic memorable videos to help promote your conference to a wider audience.

Event videos are ideal for capturing your conference and promoting it. These videos are great advertising pieces to promote any future events you may have in mind and they are great marketing tools on social media. Conference video production can include an assortment of video content. We can video interviews with speakers, video the conference speakers,  time-lapse of people entering, we can even video some of the conference to be broadcasted live over the web! Some of our clients we videoed conferences for ISME, IIA and Wachsman. Check out more of our video portfolio here.

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Promotional Videos

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but a video can be worth millions.  It is simple now to include short videos on your website or on your social media sites. Facebook has even introduced auto-playing videos into their newsfeed, which start playing silently as the user scrolls past. A short video, about 2 minutes long, will increase awareness of your brand or your product even if people don’t watch it to the end. It can help build an accurate perception of what your company has to offer in the minds of your customers, and potential customers too.

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