NEW Trading Online Voucher Scheme 2020 – April 8th to 30th September 2020 Photography for your Website And Social Media

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Trading Online Voucher Scheme for Photography on Your Website

This fabulous website, which hopefully you have been enjoying as you browsed through, was created with the help of Trading Online Voucher Scheme for Photography on our Website.

This voucher gave Lensmen the funds to finance a complete redesign of our website, allowing us to invest in optimizing our content for SEO and adding information on our video and time-lapse offerings.

In early April 2020, Minister Humphreys announces major expansion of business supports for SMEs, She has launched the Local Enterprise Offices (LEOs) €2,500 Trading Online Voucher

Vouchers will be available to a maximum value of €2,500 or 90% eligible expenditure (exclusive of VAT),

The voucher is not just aimed at creating new websites, so do not count yourself out if you already have a website.

What the Trading Online Vouchers Can Be Used For

If you are approved and invest in specific works for your website, the LEO will match the funds invested, up to €2,500, upon completion of the work, and after receipts are submitted.

And that is where Lensmen Photography & 360° Virtual Tour | 360° Degree Product Photography can help you keeps your business open 24/7 Worldwide.

We can create videos from our photos of your business to include on your website, showing your business premises, shop or featuring your product and staff, or perhaps capturing how your service is carried out.

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Photography and Video are fast becoming the preferred type of content online for the majority of internet users. It can transmit a lot of information in a short space of time, and can now be viewed by people while on the move via their smartphone or tablets. A short video can be a great distraction while on the bus or train, or while waiting outside the school gates for the children to be released. For more information, see our page outlining Why Do We Need Video?

Lensmen are available to create testimonial videos, showreel, product demonstrations, conference videos, event videos, daily footfall on streets or at particular locations, time-lapses of construction projects,  and much more. We are happy to provide a quote for our photography and/or videography services – a requirement for the voucher application service. We are also available for an informal consultation if you would like to discuss your options in more detail.

In the meantime, check out our Photography, Video, and Time-lapse pages, and Contact Us if you have any questions. 00353 (0)1 8197738  or info@lensmen.ie

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