We specialise in Multi-Camera Time-Lapse, Videoing, 360 Virtual Tour for Construction Projects. Capturing all the key stages of the Building and The Watch the build Grow from Start to Finish 

We use many different types of cameras and shooting techniques to create out finished videos for our clients, we are always looking to create something.

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Matterport 3D Virtual Tours of a Finished Fit Out Project

360 Virtual Reality Tours Time-lapse for a 12 week Fit Out Project

Multi Camera Time-Lapse Five Month Project

 Lensmen’s top 5 benefits of using Drone aerial photography.

1. Versatility 

Due to their size, and unlike a manned aircraft – drone use means being able to fly into areas that were not possible before. What’s so great? They can fly from only a few centimeters off the ground to over 300 hundred feet in the air. All the while in one long continuous shot, panning and framing a chosen “subject” – for example a building. Better again, drone can give the operator total control, whether its wanting to move from left to right, or rotate on the same spot – all to get the perfect shot.

2. Time

The drone team is small, usually only involves the pilot, and a camera operator. So, this means that once arriving on site, we can be up and running in about 5 minutes. Even if the weather goes against us we can land the drone and wait for the next window of opportunity, no matter if it is a small window, the drone can be launched and the shot can be got. These are simply some things a manned aircraft can never do. We video projects on landscape using 360-degree Rotation, Time-Lapse Cameras and Drone Aerial Views.

3. Full-HD quality

Technological innovations mean drones are able to shoot in full HD and capture amazing aerial footage, 4K resolution and higher, all the while not sacrificing any quality.

4. Application 

Drone usage has more than one application; often people see drones being use for film production and news broadcasting. This is only one side to applying drone, other industries like construction, corporate, sports, and farming. Contractors are using them to aid in the assessment of a new project. Also to present their work using drone footage, giving prospective clients a different insight, and to generate 3D maps. Maps can be generated from a series of photos that can be ran through software and the user can measure distances without having to be physically on the site.

5. Minimal Interference

Have very little noise. Using drones for aerial photography is more peaceful, meaning they can be used near animals and on sites.



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360 Virtual Tours and 3D Matterport Virtual Tours for Apartment and Penthouses

360 Matterport Virtual Tour Time-Lapse


360 Matterport | 3D Virtual Tours | Retail 3D Walkthroughs | Dublin, Ireland


360 Virtual Tours | Restaurants | Pubs | Bars


360 Virtual Tours and 3D Matterport Virtual Tours for Apartment and Penthouses


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