Susan kennedy

Head of Lensmen

For the last 35 years, photography and videography has been the longest adventure in her life. Since she was 23 years old,  she travelled around the world shooting fashion , PR and government photography, this led her to be one of the top three photographers in Ireland. The Taoiseach recommended her to the founder of Lensmen, and this was how her adventure started here. 

She is highly skilled in digital photography on a range of different cameras. Her photos has been published in  different newspapers like The Guardian, The Times, and The Telegraph and in the Irish national and regional newspapers.

“We had a lot of ups and downs, but the fact that there is never space to worry because we are real visionaries and always see the best in our projects we will never give up to make you satisfied! So in my head there is only space for creativity, visions and unique ideas. Our work is not typical. We are making innovative, creative and storytelling projects in a wide range of your imagination”.

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Motivation Quote:

Enjoy what you do and you will never go to work

Susan is like a mother to us, we are all thankful that she shared her knowledge with us and helps us to improve ourselves.