Samuel Souza

Videographer – Editor – Motion designer

Sam received his BA in Radio, TV and Video from FMU and completed a Production Design Course from the International Cinema Academy, meaning he has over 13 years of knowledge in all these fields.

“Lensmen was the company who made the person I’m now”. 

Being creative, respectful, and proactive, Sam loves what he does and he likes to make people happy with his work. His mind is full of inspiration, creativity, and visions and he loves the fact that this is his job.

“The opportunity Lensmen gave me, no one else would give to me and we are also giving our clients the opportunity to make their dreams come true. I am grateful to be a part of this team so I give all my blood, sweat and tears into it”.

“This shoot was a really great day and our first shoot with models”

Motivation Quote:

“Be yourself”

Sam is always the one with the vision, if there is no way he is never worried and finds the way, because he is our running light that is never off.

– Susan Kennedy