Echedey Ramirez Gonzalez


Echedey came to Lensmen for an Internship in October 2021 and in January he became a full-time photographer here at Lensmen.

Before he came to Lensmen he already earned a lot of experience in film production, working as a light and sound technician and also as a promoter for different brands in Spain.


His passion for photography is what stirred Echedey to learn how to capture the perfect shot. With a special eye, he sees every detail a picture needs and his creativity spreads, from the beginning until the end of the project. At the end of the day, he wants to know that he did a good job and this is what makes him happiest.

“I prefer to take street photography in black and white because they tell their story by it own.”

Motivation Quote:

“The important thing is to see what invisible to others”

His eyes are quality eyes, the photos he shoots represent his ambition to shoot the perfect shot.

-Susan Kennedy