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Lensmen Video Production  – Filming Protocol during COVID-19

Lensmen is committed to the personal safety of all its staff, crew, and clients.

All members of the video team are fully COVID-19 Vaccination.

We are following the HSE, The World Health Organization, and the Irish Government’s advice and regulations, and we update our protocols regularly to recognise the challenges faced during the Covid-19 pandemic.

We have implemented the following criteria for video and photography in a safe environment.

This document will be updated as new information becomes available and/or regulations change.

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All key Lensmen video and photo team members are members of the National Union of Journalists and can travel during the lockdown and comply with Covid-19 protocols.

Remote Working

  • Lensmen is working under the HSE guidelines for getting back to work and Work Safely Protocols.

  • Pre-production meetings will be conducted remotely via Zoom, Real-time appointments by Google or Microsoft Teams. We can develop a script and storyboard in this way. We can also check out the proposed venue online, reducing personal contact and the number of site visits before shooting.

  • Good hand hygiene and cough and sneeze etiquette are to be observed on all production paperwork and poster around the set. Safety announcement at the beginning of each shoot day outlining increased sanitation requirements and improved hygiene procedures

Location/ Transport / Travel.

  • All Lensmen video/photo teams are contacted 24 hours before a shoot to confirm they are well and symptoms-free.

  • Any shoot attendee who feels unwell before the shoot must contact the production company for a replacement.

  • Before entering the location, the lensmen video/photo team will wear a brand-new sterile mask and gloves if needed or requested.

  • Before the shoot, the crew carefully wipes all equipment with disinfectant wipes or 70% alcohol solution.

  • Camera to be always positioned a minimum of 2 meters from clients.

  • The audio microphone will be placed before the clients to avoid physical contact.

  • Camera operators to sanitise and disinfect all camera equipment throughout the day.

  • Where possible, clients and models should undertake their make-up or “minor touch-ups” throughout shooting.

  • During prep, a full risk assessment will be carried out to advise of any ‘flashpoints’.

  • Lensmen video/photo team to use transport to get to work and assignments.

  • The post-production team will provide remote editing and post-production and audio services via working at home.



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