She came to Lensmen in July 2021 and she works in the marketing department. Recent graduate from Dublin City University with  a BA in Communication Studies. Whilst as a Communications student and an active member of DCU’s Media Production Society, she developed a passion for all aspects of media from video to radio to photography.

She promotes and develops Lensmen with the goal to spread the word about our amazing work and team. If you need anything, she is always there with a solution, because her positivity makes this possible. She would never give up and because of that she always know the exact way to come back to the right way.  Her ability to make the right marketing strategy and decisions is impeccable.

I love this video because I was on the shoot and saw how the guys work.

Motivation Quote:

Even if it’s cloudy the sun’s still shining somewhere

Aoife is a real producer and deliverer, she is the strength behind us and always solves situations nobody else could.

– Susan Kennedy