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At Lensmen, we are happy to provide Irish Sign Language Interpreting ( ISL) Video Production Service. We have professional video and photography here in our office, we can shoot the video on white or green screen background.

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During the video production of an Irish Sign Language (ISL) video for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, the sound is usually not recorded. The voice-over and subtitles are added after the video has been edited. It’s very important the voice-over should be synchronised with the signing.

We add the voice-over so hearing people who do not know sign language can watch the video, it is important that the voice-over sounds natural and is easy to listen to.

Why should I include Irish Sign Language Interpreting ( ISL) Video Production Service in my next project?

On the 24th December 2017, the Irish Sign Language Act 2017 was signed into law, it then commenced on the 23rd December 2020. The act provides recognition of Irish Sign Language (ISL), its use in legal proceedings, and the allocation of interpretation of ISL by public bodies and any related matters.

Even with this act having commenced nearly a year ago, there is still a lack of Irish Sign Language (ISL) interpretation used by public bodies. Yes, we see the interpreters at press calls, but there is a lack of sign interpretation used for videos used within the government and other public bodies.

ISL is the native and third official language of Ireland. It is culturally important as it is the indigenous language of the deaf community, it is unique as it just isn’t made up of hand movements, but full languages with specific linguistics, grammar, hand, face, and body movements. The Irish Deaf Society has researched approximately 40,000 people using ISL in their daily lives and 5,000 of them using ISL as their first and native language.

What can we do to help? In order to make our country more inclusive, including an additional sign language interpreter is one of the first steps. Here at Lensmen Video Production, we are fully equipped to shoot interpretation videos. Working with Bridge Interpreters, our experienced staff are able to shoot in the studio or on location. We include a teleprompter set up, with same-day delivery of recording. All our videos are recorded in HD and 4K.

For more information on our pricing and costs, please contact Lensmen Irish Sign Language Interpreting (ISL) Video Production Services on 01 819 7738 or email info@lensmen.ie

Sign Language Interpretation can be used for variety of videos. In the past we have created Sign Language Interpretation Videos for Governmental videoshistorical guided toursvirtual tours and much more.

There are a variety of grants available that can be used in conjunction with our Sign Language Interpretation Video Production service. Some include the LEO trading online voucher scheme and Fáilte Ireland’s Digital that Delivers Scheme

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