Lensmen Video Process

Learn about how the video team operate in this informative video explaining the different aspects of your video project. Joe, Ayumi and Sam explain the process from start to finish: creative meeting, pre-production and post-production. 

Creative meeting

The first stage is the creative meeting; this starts when we receive an email in our inbox or a call from our prospective client. The video team then arranges a meeting with the client, either on Zoom or in person, where we discuss the video project they want, and we can start developing the brand’s narrative story.


Once we develop the narrative story for the video, the video team can determine what will come next. Straight away, the video team and the client will work together to create scripts, storyboards and shot lists. We then get to organise the ‘boring’ side of the video project, which is creating a quote and budget for the project. When we get a thumbs up for the project, the team begins to think about the schedule, location and what gear is needed for the video. Then we move to the production of the video.


We arrive at the location for shooting, which could be at the company’s premises or a scouted location; our videographers will then get different footage for the video from b-roll (background footage) or PTC (piece to camera – interview). The video team achieve unique videos by using other techniques and gear such as gimbals, drones and timelapse to create the video.


After shooting, the team backs up all the footage captured onto two hard drives. The video editor will then add all the raw footage onto a timeline and send it to the client, who can pick through the footage what they want to use. The video editor will then create a rough cut of the video, where the client can change and comment on the video, and the editor will make the necessary changes. Once the client is satisfied with the video, the editor will send a high-resolution video to the client, and they can post it on social media. 

Our Team

The reason Lensmen is successful is down to the team. Our team work together seamlessly; as a collaborative unit, it creates an amazing workspace allowing the video team to create amazing videos for our clients.

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