A Conversation with Cat Gundry Beck | Photography Internship

Find out what previous photography intern Cat Gundry Beck learnt from her photography internship at Lensmen!

Thursday 7th April. 

We were glad to welcome back Cat Gundry Beck to our office earlier in the month; we had a lovely catch-up discussing how she progressed in her career and business development.

 Cat started her photography career with work experience in Lensmen in 2009. Cat then went on to study photography in Norwich in the UK. She then began her career in London. Craving a change of scenery, she moved to Norway, where she became a northern lights photography workshop leader, meeting and showing 100s of different people how to capture the lights of the north. Then her sights set on Iceland, where she moved to Reykjavík in 2018, starting as a photography & content manager and freelancing photographer. In 2021 she set up her own photography company and has shot some amazing projects for clients across Iceland has even been featured in British Vogue! Cat has begun to teach fashion photography workshops alongside other photographers in Iceland and hopes to bring them to Ireland! We are very proud of Cat’s accomplishments and hope to work together in the future.

You can check out Cat’s work over on her website – https://www.catgundrybeck.com/

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