Social Media Videos for Super Health Essentials

Social Media Video Production

Lensmen Photography and Video Production have been working alongside Super Health Essentials the past few months to create social media videos and product photography for their website.

Our dynamic and creative team brainstormed different social media video concepts for the Super Health Essentials supplement ‘Brain and Body’ and pitched to the team over at Super Health Essentials.  We created five videos, perfect for social media. Each video focused on a different use of the ‘Brain and Body’ supplement; study, working out, and daily life.

Instagram Reels and Tiktok

The first of the social media videos we created is perfect for posting on Instagram Reels or Tiktok. Our talented video team was able to format the video so it would perfectly fit in the 9:16 dimensions required on both Instagram Reels and Tiktok.

Motion Graphics

In this video we created for Super Health Essentials, you can see how motion graphics can really add personality to a video. Our motion graphic designer made sure to incorporate the ‘Brain and Body’ orange colour throughout the video which establishes the brand identity.

Creative Editing 

Here in Lensmen, we are lucky to have a team of dynamic and creative videographers and video editors. This means we can provide imaginative videos for social media which set you apart from the crowd. Using inventive editing and filming styles our video team aims to make your video one of a kind.

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