Videos for Instagram Reels and Tiktoks

For each different social media platform, there are different requirements in terms of the dimensions of the video and how long the video can be. Our amazing team can easily create multiple versions of your video, so they can be easily shared across social media platforms

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Video Production for Social Media

Upgrade your social media with creative and unique videos by Lensmen

Video Production for social media is becoming more and more important as we move online. Here at Lensmen, we are happy to make your video ideas come to life. To add variety and engage your audiences, creating additional social media content for your pages can see your company go viral. Our creative video team will brainstorm and plan your video with you and can guarantee amazing results. We have done social media videos for various companies over the last few months. These include student accommodation, health supplements  and online publications.

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Motion Graphics for Social Media

Motion Graphics are perfect for sharing across social media. Our dedicated team can create bright and eye-catching infographics and animations that will attract viewers to your page. There are multiple ways in which you can use motion graphics, as infographics, adding brand identity to videos or animations. Give us a call today and we can talk about all things motion graphics.

Social Media Video Production Dublin Ireland

Editorial Video Production Dublin Ireland

Social Media Videos for Super Health Essentials

Lensmen have been so happy to work on multiple projects with Super Health Essentials!

Over the last nine months, we have created unique social media ads for their various account, with different formats for TikTok, Instagram and Facebook. Also we have created a series of informational videos that are specifically made for TikTok and Instagram Reels

Social Media Video Production Dublin Ireland

Social Media Video Production Dublin Ireland

Check out some videos we created to promote our 360-degree product photography service. These videos are all formatted to fit Instagram’s 1×1 square. You can check out more about our 360-degree photography services on our dedicated website – www.360virtualworld.com

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