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Lensmen have a dedicated, experienced team that will cover all your PR and commercial photography needs. We use top-of-the-range, professional equipment and have a very experienced team. From photographers to retouchers, we got it covered! The end result will give your business or brand the that competitive edge!

The Lensmen brand has been a leading name in Public Relations Photography, PR, commercial and event photography since we began in 1952. We have a wealth of experience, shooting all different types of events, conferences, and ceremonies for nearly 70 years.

That’s 70 years of wisdom, knowledge, and experience, passed down through the generations of our skilled team members.

Lensmen Public Relations Photography is based in Dublin but we operate nationwide around Ireland.  We have a large portfolio of loyal clients, with much diversity in our projects. Quality photographs and videos are our priority.

That’s why our work is commonly used by big news outlets throughout the country. Tight deadlines and quick turnarounds are a part of our business and we understand the pressure of our clients to get things done, quickly.

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Public Relations Photography, PR, and Commercial

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Professional Commercial | Public Relations Photography | PR | Press Release Syndication Services

PR Public Relations and commercial photography give you all the content you need to promote your business.  The most prominent marketing channel is social media where your PR photos can stand out and communicate with your audience.

Images are among the most shared content on social media. With professionally taken photographs on your website and social media sites,  our photos can boost the audiences of your web pages and media sites. The images of your business, brand, or event will communicate to your audience, the level of professionalism your brand or business conveys.

Customers are more trusting of businesses with professional images and are more inclined to do business with those brands. So why don’t you get in touch and see what Lensmen can do for you?

You can get in touch about any of our services by phone or email.

Please contact Lensmen for Professional Public Relations Photography and

PR and Press Release Syndication Services on +353 (0)87 258 4388 or +353 (0)1 819 7738 | Email us info@lensmen.ie

Highly-skilled and dedicated Lensmen photographers use their experience to photograph your business or event with great results. Lensmen photographers have been working as PR photographers for several years, giving a wide range of skills and expertise to any photoshoot. There’s also our video team on hand for any additional footage you would like of your event.

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